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danny griego & kp fitz


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acknowledges and shows appreciation for military veterans and shines a light on the veteran suicide epidemic which is an average of 22 lives each day.


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Danny Griego


These days, any young country upstart can get with a stylist, don a sporty Stetson and call himself a cowboy – but those chaps hanging over Danny Griego’s saddletree aren’t just for show. A real deal Outlaw Country artist, with a wry sense of humor in the spirit of his old compadres: the late Waylon Jennings (whose former band tours with Griego) and Billy Joe Shaver (who does a rare duet with the singer/songwriter on “Feelin’ Like A Three-Legged Border Town Mexican Dog”), Griego has been riding, roping and playing honky-tonks for more than half of his life.

KP Fitz


African American country crooners are few and far between. Charley Pride, Darius Rucker, and now KP FITZ. Often compared to Kenny Chesney with the pop appeal of Keith Urban and the earnest lyrical delivery of Luke Bryan, KP is a true crowd stand out.  After seven short weeks on the chart KP’s Kick Up Your Heels rose to No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Singles list.


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